Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Milka in general or our products? Maybe you will find the answer right here. 


Where can I find a particular Milka product?

It can happen that you cannot find a particular Milka product in the place where you usually shop. Unfortunately we cannot tell you exactly where you can locate a specific Milka product, because we supply major retailers and grocery chains, not individual shops. The businesses themselves decide exactly where the products are sold.

Our tip: simply ask the manager of the store where you usually shop whether the product is listed there and if it can be ordered for you, even though it is not currently stocked. We are sure that they will be glad to let you know.

What is the best way to store chocolate?

It is best to store chocolate at a temperature of 14 to 18 °C.

My Milka product looks funny. It has a whitish film on it. What is this?

A whitish film on chocolate is known as „fat bloom“. This is not mold, but is to do with the temperature it has been stored at and the ingredients.
To make chocolate, we use among other things milk fat and cocoa butter. If the finished chocolate gets too warm, the fat moves to the surface where it forms a whitish layer. This looks a bit like a layer of frost. Although it’s completely harmless to your health, it isn’t particularly nice to look at.
That’s why we closely control the temperature of our chocolate right up to the point where it leaves our factories. It’s then up to the dealers and grocery chains to ensure that the chocolate is stored at the correct temperature.

Our tip: when purchasing and storing chocolate, make sure that it is not directly under a hot lamp or near a radiator. The ideal storage temperature is 14 – 18 °C. 

How can I get information about the company?

You can find information on our website